are getting married - 4 Sept 2016

About the Couple

The Groom

Ted Oakley

An Irish kid from New York that grew up with the birth of hip-hop. Ted later became a US Air Force Special Agent and traveled the world, had three wonderful children, and in 2011, moved from Colorado to Texas where he met Katina--and the rest is history!

The Bride

Katina Bedford

A small town Texas girl who loved sports, music and dance. Seeking more, traveled to San Antonio, TX where she received her education, friends and the love of her life---and the rest is history! Hah!


  • Cleaning



  • Cooking



  • Music & Dancing



  • Wine & Chocolate



  • Laughing



Wedding Party

PJ Hennigan (Best Man)

Too long ago to mention when they met, but PJ is Ted’s best friend from South Buffalo, NY, where they attended a New York Catholic middle school together—which is why they turned out so bad!


Maid of Honour

Jennifer Najar (Maid of Honor)

Jennifer and Katina have always been mistaken for one another! 3yrs apart, they are almost identical! This beautiful Maid of Honor is as sweet, loving and nurturing as they come. Near or far, the bond they share is inseparable! They truly are identical twins at heart!

Craig Myers (Friend)

(Craig Boogie, aka C-Smooth) is one of Ted’s (TABU’s) best friends from the 1990’s, a great Hip-Hop dancer, and in true South Buffalo form—is funny (not as funny as Ted however), he tells it like it is, and is a die hard Bills fan!



Cassandra Nicols (Sister)

Cassandra has always been a fun and adventurous women who didn’t mind her younger sister Katina, tagging along and stealing her cloths! Special moments shared included Katina’s first trip to Mexico, first college party and when Cassandra would take her shopping each year for the first day of school!

Dante Oakley (Oldest Son)

Now taller than his Dad, Dante tends to show his love for his father by asking him questions like, “Are you getting shorter, or am I getting taller?” Dante is now a college student and aspires to be the President of the United States. He is blessed with his Dad’s looks and hilarious sense of humor.



Tamisha Bedford (Cousin)

Katina and Tamisha always make the most of their quality time together. No matter the distance between them, these two love dancing, laughing, and joking the night away. They also can’t say good-bye to each other without crying! Best cousins for life!!

Antonio Oakley (Middle Son)

Not yet taller than his Dad, Anton still looks up to him. Anton is more the adventurer and likes sports and the outdoors. He also wants to be President and is blessed with his Dad’s chiseled facial features and Adonis-like body.



Brienna Joseph-Flowers (Best Friend)

Brieanna and Katina have been best friends since their families met in 90’s and have always been Sista’s from other Mista’s! While in college, they both enjoyed long weekends of wine and binge watching old movies, such as “Sistaaaa, you’ve been on my mind!” (Miss Celie’s Blues, The Color Purple)

Nathaniel Oakley (Youngest Son)

Nate might be taller than his Dad but it’s because of the hair. He is 5-foot, 10-inches tall BUT 6-foot, 2-inches tall with the Afro. Nate is a tech savvy High School student who is lucky to have his Dad’s manly features. Nate related he will be President in 2040.



Jenny Garza (Best Friend)

Jenny Garza and Katina have been best friends since becoming cheerleaders in the 8th grade. Joined at the hip, these two had many wild nights and hilarious stories while picking up food at 2am in late night drive thru’s.

Love is a decision not an emotion or a feeling,
that if made from the heart will outlast anything

Grooms & Brides Night

Groom's Night

His Last Guys Night Out

The Grooms Night will be Invitation Only


Reserved For Special Guest

Bride's Night

Let your Hair
down in style

The Ladies Night will be Invitation Only


Reserved For Special Guest

Once in awhile in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale

Wedding & Reception

The Ceremony

Getting to the Ceremony

The ceremony will be held at:

Bridal Veil Falls
2225 Bridal Veil, Spring Branch, TX 78070

starting from 6:00 PM on September 4th, 2016


The Reception

Getting to the Reception

The reception will follow at same location, at:

Bridal Veil Falls
2225 Bridal Veil, Spring Branch, TX 78070

starting from 6:30 PM on September 4th, 2016


  • Wedding
  • Hotels
  • Airport

Gift Registry

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Katina and Ted are planning an evening for you that you will never forget. Truly! All we ask in return is to come and celebrate, laugh, dance and love. Treat everyone you might not know as family, our family.

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Love one another and you will be happy.
It's as simple and as difficult as that.